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 We are seeking the best of the best to perform          

  Original Sweet Auburn Festival

                                             Please read this page carefully in its entirety.
This is a family-friendly event. The Performance fee to perform at the festival is
-$75.00 for Individual
-$100.00 Group (the group is more than one person on stage during your performance )

*After Auditioning, ($10 fee) for this audition only. The audition fee will be $30.00.You will receive a call or email confirming your acceptance. It may take up to two weeks to make a decision.

(Please make sure your information is up to date) You will have a week after acceptance to pay performance fee.

Registration should only be done after you've auditioned and been chosen to perform.                                    

No refunds. The late entry fee is an additional $50 and will automatically be added to the performance fee.   

We are a rain-or-shine event  


for additional information if needed

cash app audition fee to:

The Purpose of the Sweet Auburn Festival is to Bring Awareness to the

Historic Sweet Auburn District in Atlanta, Georgia

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